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We believe all students are capable of growing to be independent thinkers.

Our objective is to improve confidence and achieve success through our online sessions.

Whether you are interested in tutoring services to boost your child's learning or are an adult new to Canada, our tutoring services will help you achieve your goals.


Toronto Tutors

About Us

We are passionate about education and improving student learning. Our tutors have many years of experience teaching the Ontario curriculum at the primary, junior, intermediate, and senior levels. In addition, our tutors also have experience teaching adults and newcomers to Canada.

Our Philosophy

We believe it is essential to personalize learning to achieve success in a meaningful manner. Integral to the learning process is scaffolding learning, or creating learning blocks where the difficulty incrementally increases over time. In doing so, students will have opportunities to practice learning strategies and build skills.


We tutor a variety of subjects, including language arts (ESL, FSL, and English), sciences (biology, chemistry, and physics), mathematics, and social studies (history and geography). We pride ourselves on taking an integrated approach to learning, allowing students to build connections between subjects. Additionally, we can also address gaps in learning, prepare students for college or university and prepare students for Ontario standardized tests, including:

  • Reading, writing, and math (Grades 3 and 6)
  • Mathematics (Grade 9)
  • Ontario Secondary School Literacy Test (Grade 10)